“I spent my childhood between these grey brick walls of the little alleys, going to and from school, and playing with other kids who lived close.”
Cheung Yuchun,
Head Chef of Little Alley
a typical little alley in Shanghai
Little Alley is translated from the Chinese word “弄堂” or “long tang”, which are the narrow, interconnected alleyways unique to Shanghai that form neighborhoods many used to call home and remain today as remnants of an older and more intimate way of living, lingering behind the glitz and pizzazz of the metropolitan.

A unique symbol of Shanghai, long tang is a place where when one family puts a delicious dinner on the table, the aroma of its dishes fills several blocks around, reminding people that everything will be alright as long as you are home.
facade of a residential building in Shanghai, with shadows of London planetree on it
view of a Shanghai street from a little alley
“What we eat is often a trigger of memories and emotions from the past.”
It’s with this belief and a particular nostalgia that Chef Yuchun Cheung ("Chef Cheung"), born and raised in one of Shanghai’s little alleys in a family of chefs and restaurateurs, decides that Little Alley will be dedicated to recreating the truly exceptional Shanghainese cuisine that he grew up with. Leading an entire kitchen staff of Shanghainese locals and drawing experience from his years in the kitchen of Shanghai’s famous Quanjude Restaurant, New York’s China Blue, and most importantly from his childhood home, Chef Cheung designed a menu that’s Shanghainese through and through.
a Chinese chef stretching noodles
view of looking into a little alley in Shanghai, with Oriental Pearl Tower visible in the background
From a carefully curated menu of essential Shanghainese dishes immediately recognizable to anyone who grew up in the region, to a nostalgic ambience and interior design resembling that of an old long tang, we aim to be a place of comfort for Shanghainese people who are longing for home, and for anyone who’s interested in experiencing the truly great culinary traditions used everyday in homes of Shanghai.